One Piece SLS M4 Style airsoft replica Body


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One Piece SLS Printed Airsoft M4 Style body


Recommended to use a Polarstar F2, Maxx hopup and a polarstar triggerboard.

Wolverine Engine will fit, a spacer is included. Any other engine may/may not fit.

For the regulator, a wolverine storm on tank regulator is required.


This body is a one piece printed SLS body. It has been designed to be extremely simple, lightweight and strong.

The hopup and engine are inserted through the back and are secured using grub screws on the side.

The triggerboard can be installed straight into the body. By removing the side cover it allows easy access to be trigger, cables, hpa line and triggerboard.

The grip compartment is big enough to house a wolverine fcu, polarstar fcu or a gorilla fcu. There is enough space to route cables up and down.

It is suggested to store the fcu in the grip compartment, this keeps the upper compartment mostly empty. So its easy to store a small lipo in here. A 350mah lipo will fit.

The back cap is held in by magnets for easy access to the battery.

There is 14mm ccw thread on the front of the barrel to support a tracer. The thread is hidden away to protect it. This might not fit all tracer types there are. Acetech lighter S will fit 100%.

A wolverine storm on tank regulator is inserted in the grip below, it is a very snug fit.

The tournament lock is inserted around the regulator, it can be secured by 2 grub screws to keep it a snug fit. And off course locked with a tayrap.


The body comes with all caps, magnets already pre installed, some 6mm hpa line, 1/8 npt fitting for the regulator and a 90 degree connector.

Weight 1.1 kg


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