About Us

Peppie - Team member REs non Verba


Prytech started of in 2019 as just 3D printing for friends. As we got more and more requests we grew bigger. New designs and itterations of products were developed.
Prytech is run by me, Rinke. I enjoy creating things, whether it be 3D printing or electronics. That is my hobby and if it allows me to help people, then I will.
My goal is to make products people enjoy using. Everything I sell on my website is either tested by myself and/or by friends on the field. If it doesn’t meet my expectations. I wont sell it.
Prytech allows me to invest more time and money in creating professional parts for you.

I am working together with the SpeedQB Team Res Non Verba to test and design products. In this way we can ensure that the products are of expected quality and will survive the field. 

Custom Requests

Have an idea or any other part you need printed? The internet is filled with 3D printable files these days. Sites like Thingiverse offer a lot of free files. Send an email or contact us through instagram(prytech_) so we can take a look at it.


3D printing has come a far way in the last couple of years. We try and print the products to be as strong as possible. Every product gets checked and measured before it leaves. If the product breaks under normal circumstances we will do our best to get you a replacement. If your product is broken or damaged, please get in contact with us via email or instagram.


If your country is not in the list on the register form. Please email us. We will check the shipping for your country and add it to the list.

We strive to ship out the order within 2-3 days after ordering, if the ordered products are in stock. If for some reason the order gets delayed, you will be notified by email.
If you have placed an order containing 1 or more out of stock products, the order will be sent when everything is back in stock. If you want the order to be split and sent separately, please notify us via email. Keep in mind we may charge extra shipping costs.


Products out of stock can still be ordered. Just keep in mind that it takes a little longer for them to be send out. When products are in stock they will be sent
out within 1-2 days. Do you want to know exactly when it will be sent, or in a rush? Email or send us a message through instagram.


Email: info@prytech.nl
Instagram: Prytech_
KVK/Chamber of Commerce : 75196077