One Piece SLS Body Information

This page is meant to summarize all the information about the One Piece SLS Body kit. What does the body come with, what do you need to purchase, how to assemble it and what are the common questions? 


First of all, what is it?

The One Piece SLS Kit is a kit designed for SpeedQB with the feeling of a paintball marker. The kit is designed to be extremely simple and lightweight. It has been designed to handle like any traditional HPA grip style replica, but take away the hassle of assembling and disassembling when changing out parts. Due to the kit being SLS printed, the full body with internals weighs around 650 grams, including regulator. 


The kit uses magnets to hold the different covers in place. This has been designed in such a way that the covers are easily removable but wont simply fall out. No screws or tools needed to acces any important things!

All important bits are easily accessible by removing the side cover. The side cover is held in place by a magnet and a small bolt. When removed it allows access to the trigger, triggerboard and cable management. See picture above. 


The body is available as a base model as shown in the diagram on the top of the page. However if you want a custom built one, with custom cutouts, logo, barrel length etc. Please contact us via instagram so we can create a custom design for you. If you want just the standard model. You can purchase it through the website here. When purchasing spare parts. Please let us know the serial number on the body so we can match the part. 


What does the body come with:

  • SLS One Piece
  • 6mm Hpa Line
  • 1/8 Npt to 6mm adapter
  • Extra grub screws for Tournament lock and thread
  • 90 Degree 6mm adapter
  • A couple of 14mm ccw thread inserts
  • Instructions
  • Wolverine Engine Spacer

What do you need to purchase?

  • Hpa engine, preferably a Polarstar F2. But a Jack, F1 and Wolverine will fit. It comes with a little mounting bracket to mount a Wolverine engine. 
  • Maxx hopup, bucking and 138mm Barrel. Other hopups may fit, but are not tested
  • Wolverine storm on tank regulator
  • Mag catch, standard M4 will fit. Kublai or BD customs make nice ambi versions that have been test fit.
  • Trigger, recommended to use a MAXX adjustable trigger
  • FCU and triggerboard, polarstar triggerboard will fit. Others will also likely fit, but not tested
  • Small trigger screw (Currently being sourced, will later be included in the kit)
  • Some electrical tape is also needed

Tips & Tricks:

  • You will need to remove any springs attached to the hopup. These may hinder the hopup to be seated all the way forward
  • Use only PTS magazines
  • Best fit is a MAXX hopup
  • Extend the LED tracer cable if you are using an internal tracer


The whole body is 3d printed. It might be that some dimensions are slightly off due to manufacturing. This can all be easily solved using some sanding paper. We do our best to test fit every single body. But it could be that some slight sanding is needed. If you need help don’t hesitate to contact us!



Wolverine engine installing:

Make sure the wolverine engine sits slightly backwards from the hopup. If its installed straight against the hopup, feeding issues might occur. The spacer will place the engine in exactly the right position. The hopup should be position as far forwards as possible, remove any springs. Use the included spacer on the engine, the hole in the spacer should be facing forward. See the below image! Then mount it using the included grub screws. The engine should not move. 

Polarstar engine installing:


The polarstar engine can be placed against the hopup. Use some electrical tape to even out the width of the engine to the same as the other grey area. Push the polarstar engine in all the way and mount it using the grub screws. The engine should not move. 

Triggerboard and cables:

Triggerboard needs to be secured using a small screw(not supplied)

Make sure to not overtighten the screw used to secure the body cover. If
the trigger feels too hard to pull, reverse the screw slightly.


All cables can be routed down through the 2 holes. One is round and used
for the 6mm hpa line and the other is enough for all cables. 

Wolverine Storm on Tank regulator install

Before installing remove the tournament lock from the regulator. Using the allen key that comes with the regulator the 3 screws are easily removed. Next push the regulator into the grip, make sure the air screw(fps/joule) is facing down. This might require some force, this is normal. Once it is all the way in, first screw the 1/8 npt to 6mm fitting in. This can be done by inserting an allen key through the bottom(Air gauge) hole. Next install the air gauge. Both should be installed using some Teflon tape. If the regulator sits a bit loose, dont worry the tournament lock will keep it all in place. 


Once the regulator is installed. Insert the Tournament lock and secure it using the small black grub screws included, using a 2mm allen key. Holes marked by yellow ring. 

Different Versions

Serial Batch number 001 to 006


Serial Batch number 007 to <current>

Changes compared to V1: 

– Thickness in some areas has been increased for better strenght

– Added thread insert, in the event that the thread may break, it is replaceable